About Alistair

Hi there, my name is Alistair Chisholm. I have a passion for making nice things for screens using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At the moment this website is very much acting as my experimental sandpit so expect things to look a little untidy while I tinker with the organisation and design.

Alistair Chisholm's face

I was born in Inverness in 1981. Since moving back to the North after several years of study in Glasgow, I've had a varied career in animation, visual design and web development. I now work at Qcode Software where I get to work with a great team building Tcl web applications.

These days, I try to spend some of my time away from keyboard. Out of work I try and get along to the Highland Web Group as often as possible, I play the fiddle and mandolin in a band that lets me exercise my love for Scottish traditional music and try to get out running every now and again.

I like getting email so come say hi.